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Decision Analytics

Decision analytics allow organisations to convert data into valuable business decisions. Using analytical tools, scoring models and software applications to evaluate data, analytics help businesses manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian has developed best practice analytical, consulting and product capabilities to support organisations in:

  • Managing and optimising risk
  • Preventing, detecting and reducing fraud
  • Reducing and collecting debt effectively
  • Meet ingregulatory obligations and
  • Gaining operational efficiencies throughout the customer lifecycle.

Experian's decision analytics expertise spans a variety of industries, including banking, utilities, telecommunications, leasing, insurance, automotive, mortgage, retail finance, public sector, mail order, small business and unsecured lending.

Customer Acquisition & Origination

When it comes to customer acquisition, Experian® is uniquely positioned to help its clients overcome the complexity of the marketplace. The wealth of our business services includes data and analytical expertise as well as marketing and measurement capabilities. Together, these offerings help clients acquire customers, automate processing and decisioning, increase revenue, and reduce acquisition costs and risks.

Customer Management

Identify new opportunities, reach your most profitable customers, and establish best practices to manage relationships. Experian® offers a variety of tools, including data and portfolio management systems and reporting software, to help you gain a full view of your customers' credit activity and behavior so that you can market the right products at the right time to valued customers and decrease your liability with your risky customers.

Collections & Recoveries

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize your recovery efforts. With our industry-leading information assets, software and expertise in debt collection, Experian's powerful products can help you develop more focused collection strategies by profitably locating, segmenting and prioritizing debtor accounts.

Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud before losses occur. Experian® continually invests in new data sources and technological innovations in order to provide clients with the most advanced fraud prevention tools and data breach solutions. Reduce credit risk through screening and identity resolution.

Value-Driven Analytics

Analytics turns data into information enabling organisations to predict how prospects / customers will behave in the future.  Experian builds market-leading scores to help clients make better, faster decisions and deliver their promise to their customers and their shareholders. For more information on Experian's approach to value driven analytics click here .

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