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Database Management

Poor data skews analytics and management information, leading to misinformed decision making. Our data management software and services assist you in keeping your data clean and up to date, to achieve a true view and understanding of your contact base.

Database Management Software - Products and Services

Data Cleansing

Cleansing your customer and prospect data with Experian can solve this problem by detecting and correcting inaccurate records to help you manage your costs, improve the return on your marketing investment and keep your data compliant.

Vehicle Owner Tracking

Experian's Vehicle Owner Tracking system uses DVLA data to identify vehicles in your database that are no longer owned by your customer or have been scrapped, allowing you to manage the costs of your marketing mailings much more effectively.


iMarketer is a high performance, multi-channel analytics, reporting, modelling and campaign management solution.


Address software for accurate and quick data capture. QAS Pro gets a full address from just a postcode and premise number whilst removes errors, saving time & improving customer service.

QAS Pro Web

Improve website usability with fast address search and validation with address verification software for online forms. Improves website usability, reduces drop-offs and minimises duplicate online registrations.

QAS Batch

Assisting with your data quality, QAS Batch data cleaning software is used for improved data accuracy. Clean your data to help reduces mailing costs and increases customer confidence.

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