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Local Market & Retail Planning

A detailed knowledge and understanding of local markets is a core requirement of many strategic and tactical planning processes. We can help you to plan retail networks and sales territories, allocate media expenditure, set sales targets and allocate public sector resources with insight and confidence.

Retail and Local Market Planning - Products and Services

Local Area Data

Experian data gives you up-to-date information on customers, businesses and local markets, helping you to make better, more informed decisions.

Whatever your data needs, we can help, from small and simple projects to the large and complex.

Our data includes business and consumer demographics and classifications, mapping, economic forecasts and statistics, local area data and retail and business information. It is delivered in a range of formats, including databases, reports and products such as Experian’s Mosaic consumer classification.

Micromarketer Suite

Experian’s three customer / local analysis and visualisation tools cater for the differing needs of our clients and are grouped together in the Micromarketer Suite. These tools allow you to analyse the characteristics of customers and visualise them on your computer or online. The insights gained from customer and local analysis, as well as mapping, can be easily shared for efficient decision-making and reporting.

Experian Marketing Services

Experian® Marketing Services enables our clients to profitably acquire, retain and grow their customer relationships. By helping our clients gain a complete understanding of their customers, execute the most effective communication strategy and measure the impact of marketing across their enterprise, we support decisions that improve marketing return on investment.

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