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Marketing Services

Experian are uniquely positioned to help companies acquire new business and develop better retention strategies to maximize existing relationships, by providing considerable insight into consumer purchasing preferences.

Through the use of advanced analytic tools, we predict who is most likely to respond to offers and which channel is best to communicate through allowing our clients to communicate with customers in a more personal and relevant manner. Combined, these measures help our clients achieve an improved return on their investments.

Experian's marketing products and services assist businesses with Customer Acquisition, Customer Management, Fraud Management, Risk Management and Debt Recovery.

Consumer Insight & Analytics

We can help you to segment, profile and analyse your highest potential value customers, identifying opportunities for selling new products and services with our comprehensive data, segmentation and analytics tools. To learn more about how Experian's Mosaic solution can help you.

Data Management

If you need valuable insight into customer data, we combine leading-edge technology with unrivalled processing power to answer your questions and find new opportunities. We also assist you in cleansing, managing and enhancing your customer data. For information of Data Hygiene Audits.

Target Prospects

Identify and target your best prospects with our unique marketing data assets and unrivalled experience. We make it easier for you to find new customers and take advantage of opportunities for expanding existing relationships. Because we own and manage an extensive range of marketing databases we can deliver the depth and quality of information you need, to identify the most responsive and valuable prospects for your organisation.

E-mail Marketing

Ensure you always deliver personal, relevant and meaningful messages to your consumers using Experian’s email marketing software that provides insight and analysis to improve the customer experience, and performance of your online presence and email communications.

Local Market & Retail Planning

A detailed knowledge and understanding of local markets is a core requirement of many strategic and tactical planning processes. We can help you to; plan retail networks and sales territories, allocate media expenditure, set sales targets and allocate resources with insight and confidence with our local market data services.

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