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Introducing new PowerCurve customer acquisition for Ireland

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Do you need to access Central Credit Register (CCR) data to inform your credit decision-making?

Experian has launched its next-generation PowerCurve SaaS solution to build greater connections for financial services businesses throughout Ireland. By plugging directly in to CCR data, new PowerCurve Customer Acquisition supports compliance and enables you to make accurate, automated customer credit decisions. It applies advanced analytics to power intelligent, automated credit decisions in seconds – instantly augmenting your existing environment.

This powerful new SaaS solution enables you to provide fully automated, data-driven, digital customer experience – accelerating approvals and fuelling business growth.

Multi-tenanted PowerCurve Customer Acquisition gives you powerful off-the-shelf decision-making and onboarding capabilities that can be up and running in days. Ready for immediate deployment, PowerCurve enhances your decision-making from day one – quickly helping to reduce drop-out rates and boost conversions.


Scoring lets companies manage portfolios more efficiently by providing a highly accurate means of assessing risk and determining payment potential.

Application scoring in the origination process is used to predict how a potential customer will behave in the future. With this information, decisions can be made about whether to accept or decline an applicant. This view of each individual can help develop a picture of the potential value of an accepted applicant, to inform decisions about the product and terms offered.

Basel II
The new Basel Capital Accord (Basel II) requires Banks to estimate Probability of Default (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD) and Exposure at Default (EAD) for groups of exposures. Experian has helped many organisations around the world build estimates of PD, LGD and EAD and embed them in their business processes.

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Strategy Management

Strategy management helps clients test new strategies at every stage of the customer relationship, including prospecting, application processing, acquisition, management and growth.

At the heart of Decision Analytics origination from Experian is the new business decisioning system, New Business SM. New Business SM allows each applicant to be treated as an individual and enables fast, accurate and consistent decision making.

Transact SM, a global application processing and decision system, is also available from Experian.  Transact SM provides an entire ‘applicant’ to ‘customer’ system, placing operational and strategic control in the hands of the user and giving the assurance that the origination strategy and processes will be consistently applied across the business.

Strategy Optimisation

Strategy optimisation maximises profitability and return on investment by identifying the most profitable decision for each interaction. 

An origination system has to balance the needs of speed, with customers wanting rapid decisions, and risk management, ensuring that sufficient information is collected for an accurate assessment of risk, fraud detection and to create the most appropriate offer.

An organisation needs to ensure it takes on customers with the right offer to meet business objectives, even with the sometimes conflicting objectives of managing risk with growing the portfolio, and protecting against fraud.

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Data is at the heart of everything Experian does and, over the last 30 years, it has developed expertise in the interpretation and use of credit bureau and clients’ customer data for every aspect of the client relationship.

Analytics turns this data into information, which enables organisations to predict how applicants and customers will behave in the future. Experian builds market-leading credit bureau and custom scores to help clients make better, faster decisions and deliver their promise to their customers and their shareholders.


A critical element of a Decision Analytics solution is the ability to access timely and accurate performance, portfolio and market information.  Regular monitoring helps create understanding of how the business is performing, forecast the impact of strategies on profitability and highlight current and potential trends that require attention to maintain effectiveness. Portfolio Reporting Solutions from Experian can help you.


Consulting enables the business potential of Decision Analytics and sits at the heart of every proposition created for clients. As well as building experience and expertise into Decision Analytics products and services, Experian also supports clients through the strategy design and implementation process, and beyond as their business develops.

Consultants from Experian’s Decision Analytics division works with clients at every stage of the project, firstly to understand each client’s business, then helping to design and implement systems that deliver objectives.

Decision Analytics consulting has the overriding aim to prove and deliver quantifiable benefits to every business. It is practical and results driven, with systems and processes that are realistic to implement and maximise the benefits returned.

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