Fraud prevention solutions

Reduce your exposure to fraud

Fraud Management Solutions

Our expertise, unrivalled data and innovative technology provides you with the tools you need to build trusted relationships with legitimate customers at every point of contact.

Experian Fraud Management Solutions help you to:

Manage risk and prevent fraud – Take on new business without exposing your organisation to the risks and costs associated with fraud.

Improve operational efficiency – Automate and streamline your fraud management processes to reduce manual intervention, improve accuracy and reduce costs.

Comply with legislation and best practice guidelines – Meet your know-your-customer obligations and provide the necessary audit trails.

Application fraud

Fraud is the biggest cause of revenue loss for financial, telecommunications and insurance organisations and the resulting losses always affect profitability. Our software and information will help you to detect potentially fraudulent applications even before a customer is accepted, in a speedy and efficient way.

Open Account Fraud

Monitor account patterns and assess customer behaviour based on the likelihood of them committing ‘open account fraud’ and preventing ‘bust out’ or ‘sleeper’ fraud (when time elapses between the date of application and when the fraudulent activity takes place).

Insurance Fraud

Growing competition in the insurance sector means that you need to be able to take on customers as quickly and smoothly as possible but without exposing your organisation to risk or increasing overhead. Our solutions for the insurance sector, give you real-time customer identity authentication and detect possible fraud, while providing you with efficiencies in your checking processes and procedures that improve your customers’ experience.

Organised Fraud

A fraud network is formed where a group of individuals or companies work together to defraud by stealing or manufacturing identties to apply for financial services or file false insurance claims. By analyzing existing accounts and new applications our solutions help you to identify fraud networks and take appropriate action.

Bank Account Validation

Bank Wizard Absolute extends the capability of Bank Wizard and is the only verification service that enables you to make the connection between your customer and their bank account details in near real-time. By implementing Bank Wizard Absolute, you can dramatically improve profitability and customer service by reducing failed transactions

Document Check

Verifying identities can be a complex and challenging task, yet in many industries consumers are increasingly demanding an instant response to applications and transactions. Experian’s Identity Document Check undertakes a fully automated check within seconds, providing a clear indication of the validity of identity credentials.

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