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Consumer segmentation and classification

The way we live and work is changing fast, becoming more sophisticated and complex. Political, economic and technological shifts are reflected in the socio-economics, lifestyles and behaviours of consumers.

Understanding your customers in this changing environment is a critical business task. The latest version of Experian’s Mosaic Ireland consumer classification gives you a comprehensive view of consumers now and in the future.

What can it do for me?

Mosaic Ireland gives you a deep understanding of your customers: who, what, where, when, how and why. This can help you to target, acquire, manage and develop profitable relationships and improve business results.

The classification also gives you a better understanding of locations and the people they serve, ensuring that you get the best from your sites, with the right mix of products and tenants, and targeted and effective media planning and buying.

Mosaic Ireland helps you to look ahead and plan for the future. You can analyse consumer behaviour, understand potential risk and identify investment opportunities.

Marketing and planning applications include the following:

  • Customer and prospect profiling
  • Direct/Target marketing
  • Customer acquisition modeling
  • Campaign analysis
  • Communication messaging and creative design
  • Choosing store locations, branches, and service areas
  • Geographic/Market analysis and mapping
  • Selecting and buying advertising media
  • New product development
  • Strategic planning

A few key facts

  • Mosaic is based on analysis of the latest trends in Irish society, a wealth of high quality, comprehensive data sources and a sophisticated proprietary approach to cluster analysis, supported by market research analysis to validate the classification.
  • To help you understand Mosaic and use it effectively, we provide a range of support materials.  For example, the ehandbook brings the classification to life with a mix of visual, descriptive and statistical information, backed up by more detailed information. This includes the variables used and in-depth descriptions of each neighbourhood.

Key trends in the Irish population

This white paper looks at a series of key trends in the changing population of Ireland and what this means for your organisation. It explores how they’ve come about, identifies where they commonly occur and points to the implications for public policy and marketers.

Mosaic Ireland Brochure

Behind every customer is an individual. Mosaic means you can start treating them that way. It gives you the intelligence you need to reach the right people with the right message at the right time – every time. Download our Mosaic Ireland brochure to learn more about the potential benefits to your organisation.

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