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Validate payments easily and cost effectively

We provide bank account validation and validation solutions to meet the needs of the world’s leading banks and corporate organisations.

Our solutions help organisations make and collect payments easily whilst controlling costs, improving customer service and reducing risk and fraud.

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Bank Wizard - Comprehensive Bank Account Validation

Bank Wizard helps improve Straight-Through-Processing of UK and international payments by reducing errors in your data up-front to minimise the number of rejected payments and the associated costs.

Bank Wizard is our unique bank account validation software which removes the problem of managing updates to complex and constantly changing payments data within your business systems.

Our dedicated Data Team identify and confirm changes to bank data on a weekly basis, meaning that updates can automatically be incorporated into your systems to ensure that you benefit from working with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

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Are you SEPA ready?

The SEPA end date is February 2014, when all payment formats will require IBAN and BIC in order to be successful. If left until the  last minute, the SEPA requirements have the potential to be both disruptive and costly.

There is a competitive advantage to early migration to SEPA as ensuring you have the correct IBAN formats prior to the end date will ensure your business continuity.

Even if you’re not experiencing failed payments today, failure to migrate to SEPA by the deadline will ultimately resu lt in failed payments and increased costs which will negatively impact on the profitability of your business.

Find out how Experian can help you become SEPA compliant before it is too late >>

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