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An innovative approach to managing and maintaining your debtors ledger

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Ledger Profiling

Take advantage of this innovative approach to managing and maintaining your debtors ledger. Being able to predict when you will be paid, how your customers pay their other suppliers, and where in the order of payments you fall is essential to effectively managing your debtor’s ledger. The Irish credit industry has always relied heavily on accounts and Companies’ House data. Whilst important, does this information show you how your customers are performing. Probably not! This is where Experian’s Payment Performance data fills the essential gaps.

Experian’s payment performance data helps an organisation to identify whether they should do business with a customer in the first place. It also allows them to identify whether a customer is simply a serial late payer, or one whose payment performance is rapidly deteriorating - indicating its potential inability to meet future commitments. Experian has the largest database of up-to-date commercial payment data in Ireland, which is extracted from more than 6,500 ledgers processed every month.

What's in it for you?

Ledger Profiling (Payment Performance) helps companies reduce fraud and bad debt.  By building a partnership with Payment Performance we are able to help you reduce the risk associated with revenue loss through fraud and bad debt. The benefits associated with contributing data include an improved understanding of your customer cashflow, the reduction of debtor days and protection from potential bad debts. As a Payment Performance member all this will cost you is a little time.

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Becoming a member is simple. At the end of the month when you run your reports, share your aged balance report or open item file along with your customers name and address and we will: cleanse your ledger, provide you with monthly DBT payment score file, monitor dormant accounts, show both positive and negative information about your ledger append registered and pic numbers to your entire file.

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