Data Cleansing - simple steps with immediate results

Inaccurate and decayed data can be a financial, regulatory and branding crisis to your business.

With the current Irish economic climate, organisations have taken a big shift towards customer retention focusing on database management and customer insight. Marketing and branding plans are implemented more timely and more targeted. A well targeted new prospect will 'bin' your offer if you fail to address them correctly. Consumers are ‘put off’ from responding to offers that seriously interest them due often to the fact that the company targeting them fails to get their name and address details correct.

So to avoid your company falling into that same trap, turn up your ROI and turn down customer complaints today by contacting us for a FREE Data Hygiene Audit today. Benefits of a Data Hygiene Audit include the following:

  • Address Verification, cleansing, vanity checking
  • Flag for removal of deceased
  • Flag for MPS / TPS
  • Flag as goneaways
  • Removal of duplicate records

Contact our Marketing Services Team at or telephone 01 84 69227 or ext.69225 for more details.


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