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Customer segmentation

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Customer Segmentation

Experian uses customer segmentation to divide a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways, such as age, gender, interests, spending habits.   

Using segmentation allows companies to target groups effectively, and allocate resources to best effect and therefore establish and maintain relationships with customers.

Mosaic Ireland

Mosaic Ireland, Experian’s Geodemographic classification tool, classifies each of Ireland’s consumers into one of 40 distinct consumer types.  Mosaic is a powerful segmentation system that enables you to make better more informed business decisions. It helps you to identify your highest value customers, to minimise risk, identify opportunities for new products and services, to understand regional and local variations in product consumption and tailor communication for prompt response.  The classification provides you with a detailed understanding of the behaviour of your customers and prospects, and enables you to optimise your relationships with consumers. 

Decision Analytics

Experian’s Decision Analytics provides a variety of the solutions to assist organisations with the implementation of their segmentation strategies.  Experian’s Strategy Management suite provides the most advanced customer strategy management solutions available in the market today.

Strategy Management engines, when combined with our comprehensive data management, highly predictive behavioural analytics and expertise through consulting, creates solutions that give you true insight into the likely behaviour of your prospects and the ongoing behaviour of your customers. With this insight you can create and apply strategies and actions for each customer that achieve the most appropriate and profitable portfolio management to satisfy both your customers and your business objectives.