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Reporting & monitoring

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Reporting & Monitoring

A critical element of an analytics solution is the ability to access timely and accurate performance, portfolio and market information.  Regular monitoring helps create understanding of how the business is performing, forecast the impact of strategies (risk, marketing or other) on profitability and highlight current and potential trends that require attention to maintain effectiveness.

Portfolio Reporting Solutions from Experian can help you as can our consulting/business review solutions. Regular monitoring of your business portfolio is also valuable. 

Experian’s Risk Audit service provides you with the most up to date picture of the ‘health’ of your customer base. 

Experian also offers a Business Monitoring service which essentially raises red flags when businesses get into cash flow difficulties or change their trading status or structure. You decide which businesses you want to monitor and set your own risk criteria. And because it monitors non-limited businesses as well as limited companies, you can monitor your entire portfolio in one place.