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Irish Financial Regulatory Authority

The Financial Regulator aims to help consumers to make informed decisions on their financial affairs in a safe and fair market and to foster sound dynamic financial institutions in Ireland


Irish Data Protection Office

Data Protection is about your fundamental right to privacy.  You can access and correct data about yourself.  Those who keep data about you have the right to comply with data protection principles.  This site gives information on individuals' rights and on organisations' responsibilities.  It also gives you guidance on how the rights and principles apply in different practical situations.


Citizens Information Service

Citizens Information is an Irish eGovernment website provided by the Citizens Information Board.  The site provides comprehensive information on all aspects of Public Services and entitlements for citizens in Ireland.  The website is based on a personal approach to the presentation and delivery of information on public services and the social and civil rights of everyone in Ireland.  They gather information from various government departments and agencies and make sure you have all the information you need presented in an easy-to-understand way.


Money Advice Bureau (MABS)

MABS is a national, free, confidential and independent service for people in debt or in danger of getting into debt.


Financial Services Ombudsman

The Financial Services Ombudsman is a statutory officer who deals independently with unresolved complaints from consumers about their individual dealings with all financial service providers. It is a free service to the complainant.


Tax Credits

You can get information on your tax credits and other revenue specific information.


Student Financial Advice

This website is a convenient and user-friendly source of information on financial support for further and higher education.



Finfacts is Ireland's leading business/personal finance/financial services and e-business information portal service providing both business users and personal financial consumers with breaking news and up-to-date information in a wide variety of areas from interest/deposit information to stock market performance and e-commerce.


It's Your Money

This website gives you information on financial products and services to help you make financial decisions.  No selling, no jargon, just the facts.  The site provides independent information on financial products in plain english.


National Consumer Agency

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) is a statutory body established by the Irish Government in May 2007. It aims to defend consumer interests and to embed a robust consumer culture in Ireland.  The government has given the NCA a very strong mandate to defend and promote consumer rights through:

  • Forceful advocacy,  targeted research,  consumer information, education and awareness programmes.
  • The systematic enforcement of consumer law.

Irish Payments Services Organisation - IPSO

The Irish Payment Services Organisation Limited (IPSO) was established in June 1997.  It is the representative industry body, the voice and guardian of the payments industry and the strategic interface with all payments stakeholders. Its fundamental principles are to preserve the integrity and security of the payment systems and to promote and oversee the strategic development of such systems in the interest of the industry and the general public.


Office of Director for Corporate Enforcement (ODCE)

Our primary role is to ensure that company law is being respected. This means that we offer company officers and others information about their duties and powers under Ireland’s Companies Acts. Where we are satisfied that legal obligations under the Acts have been or are being breached, we consider prosecuting the offenders before the Courts or taking other suitable enforcement action.


Irish Exporters Association


Irish Institute for Credit Management (IICM)


Irish Banking Federation (IBF)


Irish Small and Medium Enterprises (ISME)


Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC)

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