Improve your customer acquisition rates

Identify and target your best prospects with our unique data assets and unrivalled experience. We make it easier for you to find new customers and take advantage of opportunities for expanding existing relationships. Because we own and manage an extensive range of data we can deliver the depth and quality of information you need, to identify the most responsive and valuable prospects for your organisation.

Direct marketing is one of the most powerful methods of recruiting and increasing the value of customers. It is therefore vital that the data used to select your audience is recent and complete.

Experian's lifestyle and demographic database helps you maximise the effectiveness of and return from marketing campaigns.


  • Target the right person with the right offer at the right time
  • Maximise return on marketing spend
  • Access prospects through their preferred channel

What we do

Experian owns and manages the lifestyle and demographics data you need to reach the widest and most responsive audience.

How we do it

Demographic Data

We offer a dynamic prospect source with a wealth of selection variables including address, length of residency, age and marital status.

Lifestyle Data

For marketers looking for detailed insight into consumer behaviour, preferences, lifestyle choices and key characteristics, we offer the depth of lifestyle data required to make finely tuned selections.

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