Consumer Information Services

Consumer Information Services (CIS) assists organisations to evaluate the risks and rewards associated with providing credit to consumers.  We enable clients to take better informed lending decisions and to make it easier and quicker for their own customers to obtain finance.  To do this we assist clients in ensuring they have the most accurate and up to date information possible on their consumers.  Verifying and validating customer information is key.

Consumer Bureau

With fast and convenient access to credit readily available, consumers can develop large debts incredibly quickly. Consumer over-indebtedness is increasingly occupying column inches. This is why, to make profitable and responsible lending decisions, you need the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available. Becoming an Experian Consumer Bureau member is one of the surest ways of avoiding those customers who may default on their payments.


Depending on the jurisdiction in which you operate (i.e. Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK or beyond) we can provide you with instant verification, validation and authentication tools for preventing fraud in real time, while conducting secure online and call centre transactions.  Verifying the identity of your customers and authenticating their identity documents is key.

Debtor tracing

In Northern Ireland and the UK we can provide clients with Autotrace Plus which helps you keep up with customers who try to escape debt by moving.  Unfortunately this solution is not available in the Republic of Ireland at present.  Autotrace Plus is a fast and cost effective debtor tracing solution, which enables you to re-establish contact with your customers. It uses sophisticated data matching and monitoring techniques that allow you to identify the forwarding address of your customer or establish that they continue to be ‘living as stated’. In addition, it can provide an indication of the strength of connection between the customer and the address.

Background checking

We can provide you with the confidence that prospective employees are who they say they are and are qualified to do the job.

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Data management

Inaccurate address data can impact almost every area of your business:

  • Compromise important organisational decisions
  • Reduce efficiency of your organisation
  • Damage customer relationships
  • Mailings may not reach their target audience
  • Goods and services may not arrive on time
  • We can assist you in cleansing your contact data and /or improving your data capture going forward.

If you need valuable insight into customer data, we have the experience in managing and classifying large amounts of data.  We combine leading-edge technology with unrivalled processing power to answer your questions and find new opportunities.

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