Experian Consumer Bureau Ireland (ECBI)

Experian Ireland, the global information solutions company, has launched a new consumer credit reference bureau in Ireland as part of its long term strategy of providing integrated information and decision support services to the Irish financial services industry.  We now have over 1 million records registered on our consumer bureau in Ireland.

Experian is committed to establishing a comprehensive consumer bureau in Ireland and will continue to engage with regulators, government, lenders and other interested parties to lobby for legislative change in this market.  For further information on how the data sharing landscape is changing please click here.

With fast and convenient access to credit readily available, consumers can develop large debts incredibly quickly. Consumer over-indebtedness is increasingly occupying column inches. This is why, to make profitable and responsible lending decisions, you need the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.

Becoming an ECBI member is one of the surest ways of avoiding those customers who may default on their payments.

What are the benefits of joining the ECBI?

  • You can identify people with an adverse credit history.
  • Your fraud and bad debt costs can be greatly reduced.
  • You’ll avoid lending to people who are already financially over-committed.
  • You can verify applicants at their address.
  • You’ll see any existing financial commitments.
  • You can make appropriate authorisation, limit management and recovery decisions.
  • There are no expensive joining fees.
  • Prices are competitive and fair.
  • Flexible access options - from web-based through to fully customised and integrated systems.

What data is available on the ECBI?

The ECBI holds information on credit accounts, provided by its members. The type of information held about a particular credit account is:

  • The lender, e.g. type of company (bank, retailer etc.)
  • The borrower, e.g. full name, full address.
  • The credit account (as appropriate)
  • Type of account (loan, mortgage etc)
  • Start and closure dates.
  • Default date.
  • Current balance outstanding.
  • Repayment amount and term.
  • Credit limit.
  • History of payment over last 36 months.
  • Special circumstances (gone away, deceased, etc).
  • Date of the last Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) update.
  • For more information on Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) please refer to the CAIS fact sheet.
  • Public data is also available on ECBI.  Public data includes registered judgments, company directors and registered bankruptcies.  For more information on other public data sources included please refer to the Public data fact sheet.

How does the ECBI work?

Experian operates the ECBI on behalf of its members. It operates under strict rules of ‘reciprocity’. Members are entitled to access information that is directly equivalent to the level of information they supply. This information can be supplied to you in one of two forms; ‘full data’ which relates to all records and includes all information or ‘default data’ which is just those records of accounts in default.

Access to ECBI

Low volume users generally access the ECBI via e-consumerview.

e-consumerview delivers information via an informative, intuitive interface. Comprehensive summary screens and carefully designed layouts ensure you can quickly identify tha information you need and display it without sifting through pages of irrelevant data. A credit search provides a comprehensive analysis of the applicant's credit history. A report is generated using information from Experian's database containing information gained from a variety of data sources. The report is split into sections, enabling you to focus on specific areas of interest.

High volume users integrate the bureau calls into their application processing systems.

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