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Re-establish contact with your customers

With today’s high levels of personal debt, it is essential that you are able to make contact with your customer as soon as you realise there is a problem. Not only does this give them an early opportunity to discuss any issues they may have in servicing their debt, it also gives you the chance to establish a recovery plan and a commitment from them to pay.

With around 10 per cent of the UK population moving house each year, it is likely that a reasonable number of your debtors will have moved to a new address at some time in your relationship with them. Some of them will have moved in an attempt to escape from their debt, whilst others will have moved and may have ‘forgotten’ to tell you. Being able to trace those customers who have moved, but have not informed you, is a vital element of your collections strategy.

Additionally, if you have been unable to re-establish contact with your customer via their last known address and have no record of an address move, it is important to discover whether or not the person is actually still resident at the address you have for them. If so, they may simply be placing your correspondence in the bin or stating that they are not the person you are seeking.

Traditional methods of tracing can be expensive and unreliable, depending heavily on third parties to carry out investigations and perhaps visiting the property. Before embarking on such an expensive process, you can achieve significant benefits – both in terms of cost savings and speed of results – by using Autotrace Plus from Experian.


What is Autotrace?

Autotrace Plus is a fast and cost effective debtor tracing solution, which enables you to re-establish contact with your customers. It uses sophisticated data matching and monitoring techniques that allow you to identify the forwarding address of your customer or establish that they continue to be ‘living as stated’. In addition, it can provide an indication of the strength of connection between the customer and the address. The solution is accessed either by an automated, parameterised batch file submission – with a file of results being returned either on a daily or more ad hoc basis – or online.
Autotrace Plus provides you with rapid results in terms of identifying the forwarding addresses of your absconding customers, where available. We also offer access to a Constant Review facility, which helps in those cases where no forwarding address has been identified, by continuing to monitor the customer for up to 3 or 12 months, or until a match is found.

With consumers becoming increasingly credit hungry in today’s marketplace, it is likely that your customer will reappear at some point in the future. The Constant Review facility will notify you when they do, enabling you to continue with your investigations.

Data sources accessed by Autotrace Plus

Experian holds the UK’s largest, most up-to-date set of consumer files, including:

Address links.

Identifies previous and forwarding addresses that are linked to the current address provided by the applicant.

Application databases.

Includes the Credit Application Previous Search (CAPS) file – the UK’s largest file of credit reference enquiries, relating to applications for credit made by individuals.

Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS).

A CAIS file is an industry shared file that contains information about credit accounts.

Edited Electoral Register.

Provides a list of every person resident in the UK who is registered to vote, excluding the names and addresses of those people who have ‘opted out’.

Mortality File.

Data associated with the process of probate and from undertakers.

Postal Address File.

Contains all known addresses, including postcodes, for all known properties in the UK.

Redirect Check™ database.

Data from the Royal Mail. Used for fraud prevention purposes to identify where a fraudster has set up a postal redirection away from the current supplied address.

Telephone number database.

Holds UK telephone numbers, including cable and mobile.

These files are held within Experian’s database, which classifies the data by individual consumer identities, ensuring that when an enquiry is made, the most accurate data picture is returned.

How does Autotrace Plus work?

The power of Autotrace Plus lies in combining Experian’s quality data sources with its outstanding matching and monitoring techniques. By doing so, Autotrace Plus:

  • Establishes whether there is any recent information to suggest that the person you are looking for is still living at the last known address.
  • Identifies any forwarding addresses, based upon a combination of name and address and / or date of birth, if the person is not resident at the address you have listed for them.
  • Provides you with the telephone number associated with the customer’s address, enabling you to make contact with them at the earliest opportunity and giving additional confirmation of residency.
  • Allows you to place the customer’s details onto the Constant Review facility if the original enquiry fails to provide a result. We will then continue to monitor the data, identifying any new information that is relevant to establishing the customer’s new address, or re-affirming that they live at their last known address.
  • Notifies you when new information is available. If you are using the batch service, you will be able to re-submit the name and address and / or date of birth via your next batch submission in order to obtain the results. If you are using the online Constant Review facility, you will be able to view the results using the Case management facility.details onto the Constant Review facility if the original enquiry fails to provide a result. We will then continue to monitor the data, identifying any new information that is relevant to establishing the customer’s new address, or re-affirming that they live at their last known address.number associated with the customer’s address, enabling you to make contact with them at the earliest opportunity and giving additional confirmation of residency.

Key features

Offers the ability to set a range of parameters at portfolio level, which include the definition of recency of activity, matching levels and the ability to search on name and date of birth.

  • The batch service allows you to choose between receiving the latest address only, or a full address history.
  • The online service enables searching by name and postcode using interactive verification.
  • Provides a ‘living as stated’ classification.Presents a forwarding address and a complete address history.
  • Returns a Residency Score, which gives a measure of the strength of connection between your customer and the address.
  • Provides the telephone number associated with your customer.
  • Identifies matches against Experian’s mortality data.
  • Includes a Constant Review facility that can notify you of any new information.
  • Differentiates between new addresses found using previous address data and date of birth information.
  • Searches for the individual using the alias name as well as the main name.
  • Provides a Case Management facility (online service only) that allows you to find, view and reprocess your tracing cases.

Key benefits

Reduced tracing costs.

Provides an extremely cost effective way of re-engaging with your lost customers.

Increased potential for payment.

Locating goneaways at an earlier stage, and before other creditors, increases the likelihood of funds still being available to secure payment.


Quicker tracing.

Autotrace Plus provides faster debtor tracing, leaving staff free to use valuable time to recover debt. For example, the online service provides interactive verification of address details, providing increased flexibility in search options.

Automatic, continuous tracing efforts.

Unsuccessful traces can be placed on Constant Review. Your request will be held on file for a period of 3 or 12 months and when new information becomes available, you will be notified. At this stage, you have the option to re-submit data to Autotrace Plus if the information is still required.

Trouble-free technology.

Autotrace Plus is hosted and maintained by Experian. With the batch service, you simply need the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software, which provides the platform for secure and automated submission and receipt of your files. The online service is provided with an Experian hosted web browser-based front end within the Customer Event Management System (CEMS) infrastructure.


Experian works closely with regulators, including the Office of the Information Commissioner, to ensure that procedures, products and systems are developed within the appropriate legal framework.

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